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Trading Indices

There are a wide variety of indices markets available for you to trade with us. It’s time to get access to major international stock indices.
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Trading Indices With EZInvest

Considerable leverage and tight spreads

Enjoy leverage
up to 1:20 on indices

Flexible trading benefits
Professional customer support 24/5
Trade with a globally licensed and regulated broker
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Trade the markets with EZInvest

We have engineered a powerful online and in-person educational platform that will help you become an effective trader. Having all of the components put together in the right way will help you avoid disasters and improve your results.

FAQ about Indices

You probably know that a stock index is a hugely important part of the financial world, but it is nothing more than a number representing the top shares from a particular exchange.

Trading indices allow investors to benefit from the collective spikes of what is a smaller version of an entire market. Depending on the index selected, the index represents an overall market trend that might not be experienced in a single stock. This means that risks are spread around. In general, each one of these indices is known to generate an overall profit far more often than not.

When deciding on the index or indices you would like to trade, it is important that you understand how and why prices move within a chosen market. Market news and research can help you to identify certain trends and spot trading opportunities.
If you want to invest in the world’s major financial centers and explore various investment strategies, it’s time to get access to major international stock indices.


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